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Ceramic Rod Sharpener - Great for Knife MaintenanceWe have taken time to put together a series of knife sharpening videos and articles. These videos and articles will demonstrate how to sharpen your knife on Arkansas Stones, Diamond Stones, Ceramic Rods, and Tungsten Carbide V-Sharpeners. You can learn the do's and don'ts of knife sharpening, as well as different sharpening techniques like the Forward Stroke, Backward Stroke, and circular sharpening technique. We go over the pros and cons of the many different kinds of knife sharpening devices, and give advice for which sharpening device works best on which kinds of tools and knives.

We will be releasing these as we are able to produce them, so please be patient. If you want updates on when new articles are released, please be sure to follow us on the A.G. Russell Facebook page, Twitter account, or YouTube channel.



Sharpening Videos

1. A.G. Russell Sharpening - Series Introduction
​2. Sharpening - Using Stones
3. Ceramic Rods - A.G.'s Favorite Way to Sharpen
4. Sharpening - Using a Strop
5. Sharpening - Using Diamond Stones
6. History of the Ceramic Sharpening Rods
7. Tungsten Carbide V Sharpeners
8. Origin of the Circular Knife Sharpening Technique
9. How to Sharpen A Deep Bellied Knife
10. How to Remove a Wire Edge
11. How to Maintain Your Edge
12. Oil Stones Vs Water Stones
13. Sharpening from Dull to Sharp
14. Removing Knicks from your blade
15. Diamond Sharpening Rods